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  1. Hi, This Is Jack Oliver, And I Was Wondering If You Could Make A Hero In The MetaVerse That Is Heavily Based off of The Marvel Comics Superhero Spider-Man….The Hero Would Be Known As Spider-Arachnid, The Biography Of The Character In The MetaVerse Aka Equestrian City Goes as Follows: Here is Another Ref Sheet, And This time we’ve got Jackson Sharmer aka Spider-Arachnid! Aka The Spider-Verse Spider Of The Equestrian City Universe aka The MetaVerse aka Earth-712, And, just In the case that you missed it, here’s his Lore bio that was concepted for him:
    During the Canterlot Disaster, A Star-Spider Brought From Equestria was exposed to Equestrian Magic and, bit A Teenage Person Named Jackson Sharmer and, as a result of the bite, rendered her unconscious with foaming at the mouth. All seemed fine after he healed remarkably fast, faster than anticipated, at the hospital and he went on with her life. Sadly like most of the people who survived the Canterlot Disaster, He lost touch with all of his school classmates. Assimilating into Equestrian City as part of the refugee plan, Jackson Continued On With High School Eventually Making New Friends Including A Person Named Jack-Oliver.
    Seemingly Living a relatively normal life, until one fine day, on homecoming year, while sleeping on the bus, a stranger put his hand on her, and woke up with a start and that’s when something extraordinary happened. Jackson Was Literally On The Celine Of The Bus sticking to walls just like a spider. He also found out that he can shoot organic webbing from his hand joints. After a quick change of clothes and an internal debate in his head, he ran again but this time focusing on his destination and found himself using his webs to swing from building to building through a leap of faith. Upon arriving back at home with his aunt Rose Lightbreaker, he finally realized that he hadn’t been left alone from the magical wave as she had originally assumed, and actually has powers like all the rest of the super-powered heroes and villains of the city.
    Living By The Motto Of His Deceased Uncle Uncle Starshine Who Died During The Canterlot Incident Which Is “With Greater Power, Comes Even Greater Responsibility”, he has started his heroic By to balance his time between His Life In High-School, and fighting the criminals of downtown Equestrian City under the name Spider-Arachnid aka The Spider-Powered Person Of The Marvel Multiverse & Hasbro Multiverse Designated Earth Earth-712 aka The Equestrian City Universe/The MLP: Equestria Girls MetaVerse!, And By The Present Day as Of This Point He Has Now Become The CEO and Chairman of His Own Personal Company Sharmer Industries (Basically This Universe’s Own Personal Answer To The Marvel Universe Company Parker Industries), Unser The Guise That His Superhero Identity Of Spider-Arachnid is The Companies Superhero Bodyguard, not knowing That Jackson Sharmer And Spider-Arachnid have Always Been And Always Will Be The Same Single Person, And By The Time of Somepoint Later On In The Main Story Of Equestrian City, It Is Revealed that His Company has Made More World-Changing Achivements than Any Other Company In Canterlot City as well as The Entire World Eventually Buying Tech Companies Such As Rarity Belle’s Own Company, Media & Entertainment Content Companies Such As The Walt Disney Company (Yes The Walt Disney Company Does In Fact Exist In The Equestrian City Universe aka The MetaVerse with The Company Being Bought By Jackson Sharmer 2 Months After The Disney Fox Deal aka The Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox Finally Officially Went Through On March 20th 2019 aka March 20th Of This Year), And Many Other Companies Such As The Company Reponsable For Making The Wonderbolt Armor That Spitfire Currently Wears Known as J.U.S.T.I.C.E. As Well as Forming Partnerships With Government Agencies Such As A.G.I.S. And Buying Franchise-IP’s Such As The IP-Rights To Equestrian City’s Hit TV Show Total Wasteland And The IP-Rights To The Power Rangers Franchise (Yes The Power Rangers Franchise Does In Fact Exist As A Work Of Fiction In The MetaVerse With Jackson Sharmer Buying The Rights To It After The 2nd Season Of Beast Morphers Releasing In 2020), And Now With
    The Resources Of A Multi-Trillion Dollar Company, Fellow Spider-Powered People At His Side Such As Nigel O’Maira/Jackson Morison aka Spider-Arachnid 2199, Apple Bloom aka Kid-Spider, Fleetfoot aka WebSilk, Etc. in a Sort-Of Batman-Family-Style Heroic Group, New Tech as His Disposal, and Being More Heroic And Beloved Than Ever, Jackson Sharmer Now lives By His Uncles Motto And Uses His Company To Help People In Need Eventually Founding The Uncle Starshine Foundation, and Fighting Villains And Worldwide Threats Both In Equestrian City And The Rest Of The World Using New Tech Provided By His Companies Advanced Technology, And Now Fights Crime With The Help Of His Closest Allies aka The Few People That Know His Secret Identity That He Calls Team-Spider, Now Not Just As Jackson Sharmer aka Spider-Arachnid! But Now Officially As…..THE ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT SPIDER-ARACHNID!!!! Aka The Bodyguard Of Sharmer Industries!!.

    Jackson Sharmer:

    Eye-Color: Purple (Eyes Also Glow Very Dark Blue When Jackson Sharmer Uses His Sharmer Industries Spider-Armor Suit aka Spider-Armor Mark-II)

    Hair Color: Shadow-Black With Rose Red Streaks (Lated Dyed Bloned With Megenta Streaks After Founding Sharmer Industries)

    Skin-Color: Magenta


    Homemade Spider-Suit (First Suit-Homemade Suit) (Colors: Red, Blue, And Orange with An Orange spider-logo And Megenta Lenses)

    AGIS Spider-Suit (Colors: Black, Grey, And Silver with A White Spider-Logo And Blue Glowing Lenses)

    Spider-Suit Mark-I (Colors: Red, Blue, And Megenta With A Megenta Spider-Logo And White Lenses That have the ability to move with Jackson’s facial Expressions)

    Spider-Suit Mark-II (Colors: Red, Blue, And Black with White Streaks With A Black and White Outlined Spider-Logo And Megenta Glowing Lenses That Both have the ability to move with Jackson’s facial Expressions And With It’s Own Heads Up Display)

    Spider-Armor Mark-I aka The Matterhorn-Spider Armor Suit (Colors: Red, Blue, Black, And Gold With A Black And Gold Outlined Enormous Spider-Logo And Violet Glowing Lenses That have the ability to move with Jackson’s facial Expressions, Having It’s Own Heads Up Display, And Has It’s Own Personal A.I. Called Sp//dR (Armor Created For Jackson By Rarity Belle And The Pony Twilight Sparkle aka The Masked Matterhorn)

    Spider-Armor Mark-II aka The Sharmer Industries-Spider Armor Suit (Current/Present-Day Sharmer Industries Suit) (Colors: Red, Blue, Black, And Silver with A Black Spider-Logo with A Blue Glowing Outline, Blue Glowing Lenses That have the ability to move with Jackson’s facial Expressions, Having A More Advanced Heads Up Display, And Has It’s Own Personal A.I. That Is The Successor to Sp//dR Known as Homecoming and Most Of All Is Made Of Nano-Technology Allowing it To Be Disguised as Regular Clothing A Form Onto Jackson When Needed From A White Colored Undershirt With The Armor’s Spider-Logo On it Which the Armor Forms Unto Jackson Upon Pressing The Logo Itself (Armor Created By Jackson Sharmer Himself In His Current Present Years as The CEO and Chairman Of The Multi-Trillion-Dollar-Company Sharmer Industries (Basically Equestrian City’s Own Personal Answer to Parker Industries From Marvel Comics) Using The Companies Current Highly Advanced Tech with Some Help From Some Of The Companies Best Employees Including His Best Friend Jack Oliver And The Time-Displaced Future Spider-Arachnid Known As The Future Spider-Arachnid Of Equestrian City 2199 Aka Nigel O’Maira Under The Guise Of His Assumed Public Identity Of Jackson Morison as well as Companies That He Bought Such As Rarity Belles Company Which He Bought Using His Vast Resources And His Multi-Trillion Dollar Cash Stock Of His Companies Own Money.)

    Sunset Shimmer…Get Ready To Meet…One Of The Greatest Heroes…IN ALL OF EQUESTRIAN CITY!!!!!!……..

    Recommendation/Idea Sent To: The Equestrian City Crew

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