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(Were still working on a final name for our ‘verse 😉 )

This weeks reference sheet is Spitfire! As with the PrimeVerse, little is really known about her background, so we had to out our thinking caps on. Moreso will be elbaorated on in her wikipedia entry at a later date! Without further ado heres her bio blurb:

Despite an initial interest in the armed forces of the Canterlot Commonwealth, Spitfire’s athletic prowess and leadership abilities led her to a career in law enforcement in Equestrian City.

Sadly even busting bad guys and writing citations became less thrilling and more boring to Spitfire, despite being remarkably good at her job. It was said that some in the department were feeling she was making them look bad due to the sheer volume of arrests and convictions she was getting compared to them.

As the years rolled on, she was awarded Equestrian City’s Stun Baton of Honor, the highest commendation possible at the time. It was not long after that Spitfire was transferred to the ECSWAT, where she continued her climb in the ranks, rising to the rank of Captain. Wounded several times in the line of duty, she received three Honor Bandage Badges and finally the Commonwealth Badge of Excellence, awarded by the elected Celestial herself at the time.

As the Canterlot Disaster came and went, Captain Spitfire was part of the concentrated effort to calm the ensuing paranoia and civil unrest EC had fallen into. Enlisting the best and brightest, the squad she assembled brought order to chaos and were a vital element during the riots.

As the era of MetaCrime began to rise, Spitfire’s Wonder Squad were the first to try and beat back the new super powered crime wave. After losing many in the line of duty and nearly losing control of several sections of EC led to an new arm of ECPD being formed: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Its purpose was to take the fight back using both cutting edge technology from private contractors and those endowed with magical powers choosing to serve.

Commissioner Luna chose Spitfire to lead the entire department. It was both a huge honor and a disappointment to the woman who’d been in the face of danger most of her life.

As the city grew and evolved, the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. charter expired and a new power, an armored special forces unit was to replace it. The trials for the new power armor were set to begin after the winner of the contract presented its first prototype: The Wonderbolt Mark 1. Spitfire leapt at the chance to be the test pilot, working hand in hand with Rare Innovations, regardless of how unthrilled Commissioner Luna was at her enthusiasm instead of letting a professional test the suit.

Now in its early stages, the new Wonderbolt Armor Mark 1 is deployed along with regular ground troops as both back up and spearhead positions to Meta Human incidents, class B and above.

And of course Moon Pearls epic reference sheet. We did a bit of reworking on her suit from the original concept. We wanted both a Rocketeer / Cliff Secourt feeling but still enough room for when the final War Machine Wonderbolt Armor is conpleted.

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  1. Hi, in the brolin myth-arc that you are planning for me for your Equestrian city Universe….the way that brolin gets defeated is when both sunset shimmer aka the Phoenix and princess twilight sparkle aka masked Matterhorn use a rebound long lost pony world power that was previously lost to time to fuse into one single being, whose personality has the seriousness of sunset combined with the pony twilight’s sense of justice….the fusion is known as Sungeta and is An OC Fusion Hevally Inspired By The Reworked Canon Version Of one of the 2 fusions of Goku and vegeta that is Created through the fusion dance known only as……GOGETA (DBS: BR)!!!!…….Here is All The Character Information Regarding The Fusion Of Sunset And Pony Twilight, which will in-turn…ultimately be the way they finally defeat Brolin for the second time…….here is the information now…….

    Here is the Description Regarding The Fusion Known as Sungeta as fallows:

    Sungeta is The Overpowered Fusion Of The Equestrian City Heroes The Phoenix And The Masked Matterhorn, which is Created through the two of them preforming a fusion dance, but, however, the dance needs to be perfect otherwise it will result in an imperfect failed fusion ether as Fat Sungeta or Skinny Sungeta, but, when the fusion dance is perfect the result is Perfected Sungeta who is powerful enough to fight head to head with brolin with no problem, the first time they fused was during their second battle with brolin, abit it resulted in a failed fusion, and after 7 to 9 attempts at perfecting it, by the 10th attempt just as brolin reached super form 3, they finally merged into a perfect fusion with similar but more varied versions of brolin super form powers, after a huge fight that The Now Perfectly Fused Sunset And Twilight Fought to The Very End, They Manage To Beat Brolin And weaken him enough to be able to finally be taken out by E.C.P.D. Forces, after that they stay fused for about 2 months, but eventually, the effects wear off and they Unfuze and return to normal, with sunset saying that this was probably one of the On,y good things that has happened to her sense the event, after she and twilight do some catching up, they go on their separate way, waiting until the day of their next big team-up.

    Character reference sheet information:

    Sungeta is the resulting fusion of the two highly powerful Equestrians, Sunset Shimmer And Princess Twilight Sparkle, when they perform the Only Recently Rediscovered Fusion Dance Techneique properly. Her voice is a dual voice that contains both Sunset’s and Twilight’s voices. Sungets is famous for her amazing power and speed, and is regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the Equestrian City Universe Possibly The Most Powerful Fusion Ever, Even Surpassing The Power Of Brolin Himself. Her Potara Earrings Fusion counterpart is Twigeto.

    Sungeta’s Apperance:
    In The Brolin-Myth Arc Of Equestrian City, Sungeta keeps most of the Metamoran features, however, the padding on her vest is yellow rather than purple or black/yellow. She also acquires Sunset’s skin-color instead of Sunset Violet-purple skin color. Her hair and facial features vary in shape and detail depending on the artwork style. With the reveal of her base form, she appears with Hot-Rod Red colored hair with Megenta Streaks along with a punk-style hair cut similar to rarity’s in the MLP Film season 7 episode isn’t the Mane thing about you.

    Although she are made in a similar way to Twigeto, Sungeta has personality traits that are the Reverse of What Twigeto has, though it is impossible to tell which counterpart’s personality is the dominant one. It is eventually revealed that her personality is a composite of both Sunset and Princess Twilight’s (Sunset’s seriousness and Princess Twilight’s sense of justice). At Super Saiyan 4, she is shown to enjoy toying with his enemies and pulling pranks, though she can be overconfident as her toying around with Brolin ultimately resulted in her first fight ending on a sour note as his fusion time was shorter due to the power of Super Saiyan 4. Presumably her overconfidence comes from both fusee as both have been known to let their overconfidence get the better of them, however she eventually learns what truly matters, and eventually gets the upper hand against brolin. Also, Sungets appears to be cocky as well since she appears to be smirking throughout the fight.


    Magic Flight – The ability to fly through the use of Magic.
    Magic Blast – The most basic form of magical blast.
    Pulverizing Drive – The user slides forward then uses Rapid Movement to attack the opponent while invisible. If the attack successfully lands, multiple invisible blows land on the opponent Until the opponent is completely and literally Pulverized.
    Stardust Breaker – First, Sungets performs the Pulverizing Drive rush attack, by giving the opponent speedy rainbowish barrages of blows. Then, she flies past the stunned opponent and turns around to knee them twice in the back of their head/neck before performing a backflip, kicking them away, finishing the rush. Next, she lands on the ground and raises his left hand to charge a rainbow energy sphere. Finally, Sungeta turns around, crushes the sphere in the palm of his hands, throws the scattered Magically Overpowered energy blast, and disintegrates the opponent and their souls from the inside, however, if the target is neutral/innocent and is consumed by evil, this attack erases all traces of evil within the victim, purifying them.
    Invisible Eye Blast – A CIty Block Devastating Magical Blast fired from the eyes.
    Ultimate Impact – Sungeta charges at the opponent and kicks them into their stomach, bicycle kicking them up into the air while saying “Here goes!” She then flies up to the opponent, and attacks them with a powerful barrage of punches and kicks at a very rapid rate. She then appears behind the opponent saying “Its over.” Next, she turns around to elbow the opponent in their face and spin kick them away. Finally, Sungeta teleports above the opponent and hook kicks them down into the ground, inflicting a massive amount of damage and Injuries Unto The Enemy to the point of the opponent to start bleeding out.
    Multi-Form – To perform it, the two users power up and splits into two, then those two split clones into four. Unlike it’s Counterpart Known as Mirror Pool Cloning, these are exact clones of the original clones, not just imperfect clones created by the magic of the mirror pool. However, unfortunately, This technique has a quite obvious weakness. The four clones are created by the user’s energy level divided into four.
    Bluff KamehameVoid – Sungeta holds her hands back to her side in a KamehameVoid stance. However, when she fires the attack, it releases confetti and streamers instead of the typical blue energy wave.
    Big Bang Kamehameha – First, both users puts both of their hands in front of them, palms open and hands turned up at approximately a 90 degree angle. Then, she fuses together the tremendous energy of the Super Kamehameha into a Big Bang Attack that explodes into an extremely powerful stream of Magical God-Like Power.
    100x Big Bang KamehameVoid – A full-powered version of the Big Bang KamehameVoid. Sungeta’s Most Powerful attack.
    Big Bang Attack – One of Twilight’s ultimate attacks. Though they are capable of using it in their fused state, it is often fired in unison with Sunset’s ultimate attack, the Super KamehameVoid to form the Big Bang KamehameVoid.
    Super KamehameVoid – One of Sunset’s ultimate attacks. Though capable of using it, it is often fired in unison with Twilight’s ultimate attack, the Big Bang Attack to form the Big Bang KamehameVoid.
    Farting – Used as The Failed Fusion Sunku.
    Rabbit Feet Technique – Used as The Failed Fusion Sunku.
    Ultimate World-Breaker – A rush attack that ends with a golden point-blank energy wave with a power level powerful enough to break apart and completely destroy entire islands. This attack was named during the fight with brolin in earth orbit.
    KamehameVoid/Magic Misslr – Sunset’s/Twilight’s classic beam attacks.
    Magic Blast Cannon – A technique used by many Magically Empowered characters of the Equestrian city Saga; it is a clear magical blast fired from the palm. Sungeta is one of the characters who can follow the technique up with a series of Vanishing Attacks.
    Final Strike – Sungeta’s Finishing Move in the Brolin-Myth Arc.
    Sungeta/Twigeto Super Kick – A powerful kick used in the Brolin-Myth Arc.
    Perforating Spinner – Sungeta performs a drop kick while spinning around as she charges the enemy, and rams them with her feet, still spinning. Used in the Brolin-Myth Arc.
    Decimating Smash – A diving kick used in the Brolin Myth Arc.
    Convergence Breath – Used in the Brolin Myth Arc.
    Alicorn Energy Shockwave – One of his super attacks in the brolin-myth Arc.
    Galactic Portal Opening Technique – Used in The Brolin-Myth Arc.
    Final KamehameVoid – Sungeta only uses this technique in the Final battle with Brolin.
    Shining Inferno – A golden Super Explosive Wave of Incinerating fire used and named only in the final battle against brolin.
    God-Empowered Meteor Attack – Sungeta’s meteor attack in The Brolin Myth Arc.
    Dragon Fist – Used in the brolin-Myth Arc.
    Ki Blast Volley – Used as Sungeta’s personal take down.
    Instant Transmission – Used in the Brolin-Myth RC.
    Wild Sense – Sungeta’s Own Version Of Spider-Sense or Pinkie Sense.
    Explosive Wave – an explosive shockwave of total destructive power Used in the brolin-Myth Arc.
    Super Explosive Wave – Used in the Final battle with brolin.
    Power up to the Very Limit – Used in Final Battle Against Brolin.
    Finish Sign – Used in the Brolin-Myth Arc.
    Shining Raid – Sungeta’s Weaponozed light that comes from her own personal bioluminescence on her skin that is similar in appearance to the cybertronian decepticon tattoos that starscream had in both transformers revenge of the fallen and transformers dark of the moon.
    God KamehameVoid – the most powerful version of the KamehameVoid usable by Super Form Sungeta, and when she uses this technique, she will transform into Super form 3.
    Magic Kamehameha – A combination of the KamehameVoid and the Magic Missle, used in The Brolin Myth Arc.
    Meteor Crash – Sungeta has this ability along with brolin.
    Afterimage Strike – A Powerful Attack That Requires to use all their overpowered magic to it’s limits.

    Vanisher Guard – Evasive Skill in the brolin-Myth Arc.

    Super Mad Dance – One of Sungeta’s Super Attacks, usually used as a bluff attack.
    Maximum Charge – Used in the brolin Myth Arc
    Kaio-ken – Unused voice lines in the appearances of the fusion in the Brolin Myth Arc indicate that Sungeta can use this move.[5]
    Spirit Bomb – A Powerful Magical Aura eminating From The combined Magic’s of sunset and princess twilight indicate that Sungeta can use this move.[5]

    Forms And Transformations:
    Sunku Is the fat version of Sungeta who occurred when Sunset And Phoenix and Princess Twilight aka Masked Matterhorn attempted to fuse for the first time. She is one of several failed fusions present in the series. Twilight fails to extend her index finger, resulting in an embarrassingly weak fusion which forms a fat fighter called “Sunku” by The E.C.P.D.; a name that comes from Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle. In this form, her speed is decreased and magic is extremely limited. Because of his state, Sunku does not perform any magic based attacks due to the large drop in power. Also, due to her fat body, she does not retaliate by punching and kicking. Instead, all he does against Brolin is pass gas and escape using what he calls his “Rabbit Feet” technique. Unlike A Perfect Fusion, which allows both users to stay fused for as long as they wish, the time duration in this case is 30 minutes before the two fighters defuse.

    Super Form
    Sungeta is referred to as Super Sungeta while in this form. Immediately after the successful fusion of Sunset and Princess Twilight, Sungeta is at Super Saiyan as both halves (Sunset Shimmer aka The Phoenix And Princess Twilight Sparkle aka The Masked Matterhorn) had previously mastered the transformation. Even though Brolin easily took care of Blazing Fire Sunset and Godkiller Armor Twilight, he was unable to even hurt Sungeta at all (a full-force punch from Brolin to Gogeta’s face did not do anything). In a matter of seconds, Sungeta was able to Complete Get The Upper Hand Against Brolin without any problem whatsoever.

    God-like Super Form
    As Sungeta can become a Super Form God Super Form, she possess’ the God-like Super-Form state.

    Super Saiyan Blue
    In The Final Battle Against Brolin during The Equestrian City Brolin-Myth Arc, with both of her fusion components actually being able to use the said form, Sungeta himself is able to use Super Form Blue, which is the 2nd Powerful super Form, with the First Being Ultra Cosmic, a Form That was only achieved by Sunset Shimmer Herself During The Secret Wars. In the state of Super Form Blue, her power is able to compete and dominate the full power of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

    Golden Rainbow Power Form
    Sungeta is able to transform into a Golden colored rainbow power form, attained through a miracle of events.

    Ultra Cosmic (UC)
    The Most Powerful Of All Of The Equestrian Super Form, a Form so powerful, that it is even immensely and terrifyingly feared by both grogar and Malcontent themselves, as Sunset Shimmer has The Ability to Go Ultra Cosmic, Sungeta Therefore Can Go Ultra Cosmic as well, in fact, it is ultimately Sungeta Usimg the Power Of Ultra Cosmic To Finally Defeat Brolin…FOR GOOD!!!!!!.

    And that is the fusion that sunset and princess twilight ultimately use to defeat brolin…that I also highly recommend for you to make officially canon with Your Equestrian City Universe Canon…..

    Here are the weblinks and videos for reference and more information:

    ….nuff said.

    Fusion OC Recommended To: The Equestrian City Crew

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